Meet Audra

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Hummus + Hank! This is where I share a lot of plant-based recipes with vegetarian, pescatarian, and of course, the occasional indulgent recipe mixed in. These days everyone is on a different diet for health reasons, ethical reasons, environmental reasons, you name it! Therefore, I want to help people realize that healthy cooking doesn’t have to be boring or hard. Whether you are trying a new way of eating or have family members or friends who eat alternatively, there is something here for everyone.

At my family gatherings we always have the best food but these days everyone eats slightly differently with some who are pescatarian or vegetarian, some who are vegan, and a couple who are gluten-free. We try to have something for everyone in my family and I want you to feel you can cook anything for your family and friends too. I also love to experiment so trying recipes with alternative ingredients is fun for me. I hope you enjoy and feel free to send me a message with any questions or comments. 🙂

Meet Hank

Hank is my fun-loving, quirky Shepherd/Husky mix rescue dog. I found him at the animal shelter and immediately fell in love. He has one floppy ear, loves loves loves walks, and always watches me while I cook, waiting for a handout. He is also part of my motivation to stay active and healthy. Keep an eye out for Hank throughout the recipes!

*Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietitian or nutritionist. The recipes and ingredients I use are based on my personal use and experimentations with cooking. I do not claim any specific health benefits from using these ingredients. Always consult a physician when starting a new diet.